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Drug Developers


Who is eligible for a complimentary drug developer/researcher pass? Eligibility criteria states that a “drug developer” or “researcher” must have a pipeline candidate and/or work for an academic institution, and must not provide solutions or services for a fee to any other company. All bookings under the drug developer/researcher category are subject to organizer approval. T&Cs apply*

Solution Providers

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US Firms
Not Subject to VAT
  • Digital Conference: $2,169
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UK or EU Firms
Subject to 20% VAT
  • Digital Conference: $2,169 + VAT
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Please note: If you are a UK or EU-based company, you may be subject to 20% VAT in addition to the price advertised. If you qualify for a reverse charge, you will have the option to provide your VAT number and the charge will be automatically deducted at checkout.

Team Discounts:

• 10% discount – 3+ delegates
• 15% discount – 4+ delegates
• 20% discount – 5+ delegates

*Please note that discounts are only valid when three or more delegates from one

company book and pay at the same time.