Why the Biomarkers for Rare Non-Oncological Diseases Summit?

As investment flows into the precision medicine field, we see more examples of its success beyond oncology. However, challenges still remain in end-to-end drug development spanning early validation, clinical utility demonstration, reimbursement discussions and more, and overcoming these will be critical to delivering novel treatments to patients in need.

Uniting biomarker, translational, clinical, regulatory and commercial teams, the 2nd Biomarkers for Rare Non-Oncological Diseases Summit is your must-attend summit to deliver clinically effective therapeutics to previously unserved therapeutic areas.

Joining the likes of Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer, BERG and more, you can attend with the best in the business to tackle:

  • Early research to uncover disease mechanisms, novel targets and inform future studies
  • Patient stratification, identification and enrolment to maximize clinical results and adoption
  • Effective clinical trial design and development to streamline delivery of novel therapeutics to the clinic
  • Improving data analysis and evidence build for robust clinical utility evidence build
  • Novel diagnostic advancements and applications to maximise patient outcomes, reduce diagnostic timelines and improve clinical uptake
  • Commercial challenges spanning value demonstration, reimbursement and regulatory discussions, market access strategies and developing truly patient-centric products.


Tackle your most pressing challenges with precision medicine trailblazers and leave with insights to improve end-to-end pipeline development and deliver therapies to the right patients, faster.